Criminal Defense

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Being charged with a crime can be a life altering event.

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Our team has handled thousands of criminal cases ranging from 2nd degree misdemeanors to punishable by life felonies. We believe in the presumption of innocence and know how critical it is to protect your constitutional rights from the onset. We understand how to navigate the criminal justice system. You have a right to know and understand the charges you face, the ranges of outcomes associated with those charges, the best defenses that can be mounted and how your rights will be protected.

In Florida there are certain criminal offenses that are enhanceable; each conviction of that same offense comes with a stiffer penalty. Examples are driving under the influence (DUI), petit thefts, battery and driving on a suspended license. There are also convictions that carry minimum mandatory terms of incarceration. Examples are drug sales within a thousand feet of schools, parks or churches, trafficking in controlled substances and convictions that involve firearms. Felony courts use a criminal scoresheet which attributes points to convictions that could lead to mandatory incarceration. These situations are diverse and complex.

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Types of cases we have handled:

  • Drug charges — simple possession, sales, trafficking
  • Violent charges — battery, domestic violence, aggravated battery, weapons offenses, sex offenses, robbery/burglary
  • Traffic offense — driving under the influence, suspended license, reckless driving, habitual offenses, fleeing to elude law enforcement
  • Theft and property charges — petit theft, dealing in stolen property, trespassing, criminal mischief
  • Economic crimes and fraud cases
  • Violations of probation — revocation hearings, modifications of probation, early terminations
  • Expungements and sealing of criminal records
  • Mitigation — diversion, specialty courts (drug court, mental health court, veterans court), drug programs