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What is Domicile and How is it Determined? A 16 Point Checklist.

What is Domicile and How is it Determined?

‘Domicile’ generally refers to where you live – your residence that you intend to keep for the foreseeable future.  Your domicile has legal consequences for tax, probate, asset protection, and numerous other purposes. Domicile issues frequently arise with clients who split their time between Florida and another state.  They are also regular issues when clients […]

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What Is Probate Administration?

Probate administration is the court-supervised process of identifying, managing, and ultimately distributing your probate assets following your death. This article highlights some of the issues addressed in probate. First, probate administration is generally required only if a decedent left assets subject to probate. Probate assets include real property and personal property owned by a decedent […]

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