Guardianship Litigation

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Guardianship cases involve the care of individuals who are not able to care for themselves (known as ‘Wards’). Unfortunately, family members sometimes fight over how to provide the best care. In those cases, Guardianship Litigation may be necessary to resolve the disagreements and secure the well-being of the Ward.

Guardianship Litigation cases help resolve disputes, such as the following:

  • Who should serve as guardian of the Ward?
  • Is the guardian neglecting the Ward?
  • Is the guardian mismanaging the Ward’s assets?
  • Is the guardian accounting for their handling of the Ward’s assets?

Because of the very personal nature of guardianship cases, Guardianship Litigation is often emotional. Unfortunately, the Ward’s best interest can sometimes be forgotten as the family fights over disagreements.

Guardianship Litigation Attorneys are able to represent clients who are involved in guardianship-related disputes. Please call us to discuss.