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Signing Legal Documents From Home in Florida

Signing Legal Documents From Home | Lindsay Allen Law - Naples Attorneys at Law

With the global pandemic of COVID-19 and government-ordered quarantines, day-to-day activities were turned upside down. Many businesses were temporarily closed, “social distancing” became the norm, and people were afraid of contact with others. Because of this, the ability to carry out regular activities was impacted, including the ability to execute legal documents that require a […]

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New Law CADRA Provides A Civil Remedy for Hacking and Cyber Fraud

Computer Abuse and Data Recovery Act (CADRA)

On May 14, 2015 Governor Rick Scott signed the Computer Abuse and Data Recovery Act (CADRA) into law. This new law is designed to provide a civil remedy for businesses harmed by unauthorized access to protected computers and includes a safeguard to the owners of the information stored on those computers. The Florida legislature has […]

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