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Protecting Your Home – Part Two: Save Our Homes Act

Save Our Homes

Several years ago, a community of single-family homes was established in Southwest Florida.  The community was small, arranged in a T-shaped pattern.  A three-bedroom, two-bath home was one of the first houses built.  Its back yard faced a pond, and the driveway opened onto the circle at the end of the street.  A young couple purchased the home […]

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Protecting Your Home – Part One: Homestead in Florida

Homestead in Florida - Part One

A woman, diagnosed with end-stage cancer, sought to get her affairs in order.  She owned her home, and she had children she wanted to provide for after her death.  She decided to sell her home to provide some liquidity for her care while she was still living and to provide cash for her children after she passed.  Toward […]

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