Florida Probate Administration Frequently Asked Questions

Florida Probate Administration Frequently Asked Questions | Lindsay Allen Law - Naples Attorneys at Law

Our firm routinely (daily!) handles questions related to Florida probate administration, such as the following: What Is Florida Probate Administration? Probate Administration is the Court-supervised process of resolving a decedent’s financial affairs. Is Florida Probate Administration Always Required? Not always. For many decedents, there is no requirement to open a probate estate. A common reason […]

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All About Beneficiary Designations

Beneficiary Designations Explained

Beneficiary designations are a common element in estate plans. We have opportunities to set up these arrangements when purchasing life insurance, setting up retirement plans and bank accounts, and on other occasions. It is a good idea to slow down and think about beneficiary designations. Correctly used, beneficiary designations can be a great convenience that […]

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What Is Probate Administration?

Probate administration is the court-supervised process of identifying, managing, and ultimately distributing your probate assets following your death. This article highlights some of the issues addressed in probate. First, probate administration is generally required only if a decedent left assets subject to probate. Probate assets include real property and personal property owned by a decedent […]

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